Delicious Pumpkin Cupcakes

JD's Yummy Pumpkin Cupcakes
JD’s Yummy Pumpkin Cupcakes

Everyone who knows my wife Wanda and I, knows that she’s a pretty incredible homemaker, cook, and baker. She learned most of what she knows from her mom, who in turn, learned from her mom. It’s a generational thing.

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Amish Country Fall Foliage Voted #3 by National Geographic

Amish Country Ohio Fall Foliage Voted #3 by National Geographic
Amish Country Ohio Fall Foliage Voted #3 by National Geographic

It seemed to me that the colors this fall have not been as vibrant in Ohio Amish country. However, this weekend that began to change. More and more trees are turning from green to orange, yellow, and red colors. When the late afternoon sun hits them, the leaves just glow. It’s lookin quite lovely. Recently, National Geographic selected the top 10 places in the world to see fall foliage. Holmes County Ohio Amish Country came in at number three. Pretty impressive! I think the peak of the color will be this coming weekend however, things should still be pretty good for another couple of weeks. The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous, not a lot of rain and plenty of sunshine. We’re looking forward to enjoying every day for the next couple of weeks before the trees once again shed their leaves. Here’s a link to the Nat Geo article: Top Ten Places for Fall Foliage by National Geographic.

Amish Country Fall Foliage

Amish Horse and Buggy in Ohio Amish Country
Amish Horse and Buggy in Ohio Amish Country

A couple of days ago I was traversing the back roads just south of Millersburg, Ohio; on township roads I had never traveled before. I just happened upon this scene in the late afternoon. The golden, sunset created this dazzlingly splendid scene just as a horse and buggy was cresting the hill.

Gettin’ Ready for the Fall Season in Ohio Amish Country

Homestead-Furniture-Company-Mt-Hope-OhioToday my travels took me north of Mt. Hope, Ohio. The fall season, the busiest time of the year in Amish country, is just beginning. Drivers-by can’t help but notice this pumpkin staircase at Homestead Furniture in Mt. Hope, Ohio. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Lookin forward to the beautiful Amish Country fall foliage and all the fall festivals. Good times!