About Amish Leben

JD PortraitWelcome! Amish Leben means Amish Life. Leben is a German word and is pronounced (lay-bun). I live in Berlin, Ohio with my wonderful wife, Wanda. We have three precious daughters, two of which are married. Thankfully, they all live nearby. I am not Amish, but have been immersed in Amish culture all my life. I speak Pennsylvania Dutch fluently and interact with Amish people almost every day. I have lived in this area my entire life and we love living here. My grandfather, Eli Shrock, was an old order Amish bishop. My father was born Amish, but left the Amish when he was in his early 20’s.

This site is about the unique culture and life of the Amish people. You’ll find photos and articles from the most populous Amish settlements in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. In addition, we are expanding to cover Amish settlements nationwide. There’s information about Amish life, culture, beliefs, and history. If you plan to visit, you’ll also find information on lodging, shopping, restaurants, attractions, and events.

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JD Schrock