True Greatness

true greatnessToday I watched this elderly couple slowly making their way into the supermarket, hand in hand. On the way in, she stopped by the flowers to have a closer look, he waited by her side patiently, still holding her hand. Once inside, I continued to watch them. He walked slowly, with a perpetual stoop, and pushed the shopping cart for her. She would put things in the cart and he would also gather items and place them in the cart. They talked with each other as they went throughout the store. Near the checkout, I walked over and started talking with them. They were very kind and friendly. Both of them are on their second marriage, but not in the same way that most people are in their second marriage. Each of them had a spouse who passed away a little over 16 years ago. He’d been married for 54 years, and she, for close to 50 years. They found each other and have been married for 14 years now and there’s no doubt that they care for one another. As I watched this couple, I thought about how much value American society places on “success”. Our success is mostly measured in how great we can be, how big our bank accounts are, our education, our athletic prowess, our looks, or a myriad other things that are of NO value in eternity. This election year there’s a focus on making “America Great Again”. Apparently, greatness has been lost.

True greatness has never been lost. Maybe it is in decline, but it’s always to be found. Perhaps we can’t see greatness because greatness is not what we think it is. Perhaps true greatness is measured in kindness, loyalty, faithfulness, caring, fidelity, love, affection, and humility.



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