Amish Girls Volleyball at Baltic Homecoming

Amish-Girls-VolleyballSeveral weeks ago Wanda and I headed down to Baltic, Ohio to eat at Miller’s Dutch Kitchen. It had been a while since we made the short trip south of Berlin to eat there. On the way there, we saw lots of horse and buggies and Amish young people riding bikes, on their way towards Baltic. Unbeknownst to us, it was the first night of the Baltic, Ohio Homecoming. After a delicious meal at Miller’s we headed on over to the park area and spent a bit of time there and had some home-made ice cream. The main event was the Amish girls volleyball tournament. They had a dozen or so volleyball nets set up and ran their games simultaneously. I took a few pics of the goings on. Wanda recognized some of the girls from where she works at Walnut Hills Nursing Home. I must say, we had a great evening.Amish-Girls-Volley-Ball-Baltic-Ohio-Homecoming