Walnut Creek Vintage Fair

Judging by the number of people that showed up, the first annual Walnut Creek Vintage Fair was a big success. On Saturday morning, Wanda and I arrived at the Vintage Fair at about 9am and there were already lots of people on hand. Galen Swartzentruber, the manager of Walnut Creek Furniture, told me there were plenty of folks there when the fair opened at 7am. He said there were about 15 different vendors present to display there wares. Lots of people came to hunt for unique treasures. There were old doors and windows, crafts, old tables and chairs, other wooden items, decorative items, and a whole lot more. In addition to old, one of a kind vintage products, I saw that Walnut Creek Furniture had a pretty good sale going on some new furniture pieces.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Amish Country Donuts on hand so Wanda bought a half dozen of them to take home. Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to who has eaten one says they are the best they’ve ever had. The Vintage Fair is put on by the Walnut Creek Merchants and is held in the field right next to Walnut Creek Furniture and across the road from Miller’s Farm Market. Judging from the turnout this year and the people I saw who left the place with a special treasure, I’d bet the Vintage Fair is going to be a big hit for years to come. Here’s some more pics of the event:



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