Quilting & Cuisine Mini Shop Hop – Berlin, Ohio

The 5th Annual Quilting & Cuisine Mini Shop Hop was this weekend. This is quite an event! This year was the second year that the event has been held on both Friday and Saturday; with both days a sell out. There’s no lack of enthusiasm from the ladies, and a sprinkling of men. The show is sponsored by Gramma Fannie’s Quilt Shop, Country Craft Cupboard, and Helping Hands Quilt Shop all of Berlin, Ohio, Miller’s Dry Goods of Charm, Ohio and Lone Star Quilt Shop of Mt. Hope, Ohio. The event starts with shopping at each of the five stores where participants receive free mystery wall hanging instructions, a recipe, and get their passports signed. The passports are later used at the main event, at 2:30pm, which is held at the Berlin Christian Fellowship church for some fantastic prizes that are given away. The Grand Prize is a 1 night stay for up to 10 people at Mrs. Miller’s Cabin in Charm.
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