Fabulous 50’s Fling Sugarcreek Ohio

My daughters and my wife take me to the Fabulous 50’s Fling for father’s day every year. The event is held in downtown Sugarcreek, Ohio. This year was no exception and although showers were in the forecast it was a fabulous day on Saturday. This is a very fun event just to go hang out and there’s always plenty of classic cars and trucks, great food, awesome 50s/60s bands, fast and slow dancing, and chatting with people we know. My girls all like the older music so it’s great for the whole family. Of course it’s also a fun place to take lots of cool pics with all the colorful cars and trucks. My favs are the T-Birds, the ’57 Chevys, and the convertible Corvettes. I remember back when I was a kid working at my dad’s gas station, the Village Gulf, in Berlin Ohio, pumping gas for customers, checking their oil, and running around Berlin (before it was a tourist town). The gas station was located where Sommer’s General Store is today. Most of the young Amish boys (before they joined the Amish church) would come in to the filling station, as it was called, driving souped up Dodge Chargers, Chevy El Caminos, Camaros, Novas, Chevelles, Ford Mustangs, and a whole lot more. In the evenings when there were ball games at the Berlin grade school they would turn around at the dairy queen and then lay a patch of rubber all the way up to the square. The law didn’t seem to be around much back then like they have been recently. FUN TIMES!



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